What is the prepaid flower delivery?

It is very easy way of shopping for flowers, because we will take care of everything. We carefully pick and pack the flowers and deliver to your address. You don’t need to think of anything else, because we will be delivering the flowers automatically during your prepaid period. It is our pleasure to choose the most trendy and seasonal kinds of flowers, if the flowers are in high season means they also have a lower price, so you can have much more flowers at home.

Quality guarantee

The flowers we offer are delivered straight from the Dutch auction and market.


Are you planning on vacation?

Simply drop us an email when you wont be available and we will hold the flower delivery. As a big advantage of the service is that we will lengthen the delivery for what you have missed.


You are not a fan of some flower kinds or colours?

We are choosing the right flowers for you with special care and according to the season, we engage our creativity so it may not cross your taste. If you simply dislike any kind of flowers let us know! Write down the note about your preferences or dislikes and we will always try to meet your taste.