We specialize in the design and implementation and landscaping of terraces using various containers and flower pots.

Let us design a terrace or garden and create a new space for living. Modern design and functional arrangement of trees and plants.

The project will be created and handed over to you together with the graphic design, budget and proposal for implementation, which we can further implement in its entirety.


We also offer reconstructions of older, non-functional gardens with the addition of functional elements.

We also have a landscape architects in the team who loves her job and has embarked on a lifelong journey of working with plants.

Love of living material has always accompanied us.

These are not only plants, but also wood, stone, water, containers and other elements that belong to gardens.

The project serves to make the garden work for a long time, preferably for life.

At the birth of the project your dream garden, we take into account all natural influences, habitat and soil conditions and the needs of the user.